Prep School

Looking after the well-being of the pupils

Pastoral Care

The school places great emphasis upon the pastoral care of its pupils. It simply means that we look after the well-being of the boys at our school, emotionally and mentally to ensure that they are happy! Individuals who feel cared for, valued and supported can get on with their day and their work enthusiastically, without undue worries.

Our duty of care is led by a pupil’s form teacher in the first instance as they know the pupil the best and can spot very quickly if something is wrong. If they feel further assistance is required, they will involve the school counsellor for added support. Weekly staff meetings afford colleagues the opportunity to raise any concerns they may have with the Senior Leadership Team.

If any of our parents have any concerns, they just contact their child’s form teacher and meetings can usually be arranged without appointment first thing in the morning or at the end of the school day.
The following quote is an extract from our last EQI report:
“Pupils… are confident, self-aware and courteous, showing an understanding of others’ needs in all aspects of school life. … Pupils manifest an extremely well-developed sense of right and wrong. The school is highly effective in promoting high standards of behaviour. Pupils’ behaviour across the school is excellent.”
Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

The West House School SCARF!

We are 100% committed to our boys’ well-being and have adopted an initiative called ‘SCARF’ to help them deal with the challenges and issues they will have in everyday life – both at school and when they enter the wider world. This focuses on the core themes of:
  • Safety
  • Caring
  • Achievement
  • Resilience
  • Friendship
Each theme is explored, discussed and reinforced in regular assembles and weekly lessons to help all children within the school to appreciate how they can contribute to the immediate and wider community and thrive within it.
Adapting the curriculum for boys

Learning support

Pupils are formally monitored throughout Pre-Prep and Prep and each boy’s progress is tracked to ensure they are performing at their expected level. Should any concerns become apparent, form teachers and other members of staff will implement in-class strategies in the first instance.

Referral to the school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) may follow. Should a further wave of support be deemed necessary, we provide booster classes, either for the pupil on his own, or as part of a small group. Any further development work needed will be undertaken by our appropriately trained teaching assistants who will offer individual, tailor-made lessons.

Some pupils receive 1:1 support from our dedicated Learning Support Department. This may include helping the child with any of the following:
  • Organisation skills and memory techniques
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Differentiated work in the classroom
  • Additional individual lessons on specific areas
  • Extra time for tests and exams
The school works closely with parents and outside agencies when necessary to ensure that every pupil receives appropriate support and equal access to all areas of learning.

Gifted and talented

Pupils who are identified as having particular gifts or talents are appropriately supported and encouraged. If it’s academic, then extra focus will be provided, whether its additional individual lessons, group work, or supplementary research projects.

Boys who display particular musical or sporting talent are encouraged to further their development both inside and outside school, whether it’s with Aston Villa Football Club, the Birmingham Royal Ballet or any other organisation - and there is the possibility of financial assistance via a Michael Pratt Award.
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