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Boys may arrive at school from 7.50am onwards, entering the school by the main front door (No. 24). Boys should not ring the front door bell before 8.00am.

In dry weather pupils may play outside in the main playground until 8.30am when they go to their classrooms for Registration. If it is wet, they go to the school hall or to their classrooms, as advised.

The first bell is rung at 8.30am and boys are registered in their classrooms. Pupils must arrive by 8.40am or they will be recorded as being late in the School Register. Late arrivals must register at the school office immediately on arrival at school.

Years 3 to 6 finish at 4.10pm.
Pupils in Years 5 and 6 leave school by the main front door at all times, unless advised otherwise.
Pupils in Years 3 and 4 should be collected from the large red gates in Elvetham Road up until 4.20pm, after which they should be collected from the main front door.

A Homework session runs from 4.15pm until 5.00pm after which Tea is available. Anyone not collected by 4.20pm joins the Homework session.

Under no circumstances are boys allowed to wait on the pavement to be collected beyond 4.20pm. Pupils are not permitted to leave the school premises during the school day without the knowledge and permission of the Headmaster or a member of staff.


Please complete and return the forms about your son’s health as these give the school information about any special medication or care required. Parents whose children require medication on an occasional basis should bring in to school a yellow form indicating dosage, times etc. with the medicine.
General First Aid needs are dealt with and recorded by school staff and Matron. Children who sustain bumps to the head are monitored carefully for the rest of the day and parents may be informed as a precaution, in line with school policy.
If a child becomes ill during the day parents will be contacted by telephone. Please supply contact names and telephone numbers of another family member or friend willing to be contacted in an emergency.
Please let us know if there are any changes made to information during the year.


Please inform the school immediately by letter or phone if your child is absent because of ill health or for any other reason. The telephone number is 0121 440 4097. The fax number is 0121 440 5839 and the e-mail address is The school office must be informed on any occasion when your son is absent or the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.
Should contact not be made by 10.00am, Miss Stevenson will telephone to confirm the reason for absence. All requests for term time leave of absence, including family holidays, should be addressed in writing to the Headmaster. It is a statutory requirement for these to be acknowledged, otherwise the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

Uniform and other necessary items are detailed on a separate list. If boys need replacement items from the School shop, please send a written note or telephone your requirements. Matron will send the items home with your son. A reminder about the games kit needed for the Summer Term is included with the Spring Term report. The required uniform list also appears in the Student Planner. EVERY ITEM OF SCHOOL CLOTHING, GAMES KIT AND EQUIPMENT MUST BE NAMED. This includes watches. Expensive watches and pens should not be brought to school. Unless worn as part of religious observance, items of jewellery are prohibited. Again, unless part of religious observance, hair should be cut neatly above the shirt collar.
In line with the Ethos, Aims and Expectations Policy, the school places the highest priority on the appearance of pupils at all times.

Pupils generally follow the National Curriculum, but are provided with more extensive learning opportunities. They are also appropriately prepared for transfer to leading selective schools at 11+. Please refer to the Curriculum and Syllabus booklet and the school website for your son’s specific year group for further details.


Parental help and support of West House School’s Homework Policy will greatly benefit your son.
Your son’s homework obligations for each evening are clearly listed on the school notice boards. Homework in one subject will be set each evening. Generally, no pupil is expected to spend longer than 30 minutes on a task. However, staff may occasionally set homework that requires greater input, for which pupils will be given an appropriate length of time.

Completion of homework within a deadline is a valuable learning skill. Pupils who persistently fail to meet deadlines will be expected to catch up on missed work during break times and games sessions and, occasionally, in a Headmaster’s Detention. In keeping with our target of raising standards of presentation, poorly presented homework will also be repeated. Please inform the appropriate teacher if your son regularly spends too much (or, indeed, too little) time on a homework topic.
Do discuss homework with your son both before and after completion. You are the person most likely to detect any concerns he may have on the matter. Assist your son, but do not do the work for him. We need to assess the progress of pupils, not parents!
Homework is occasionally not set:

  • If the class misses the lesson during which homework is set e.g. the class is out of school on a    visit or outing
  • If the member of staff is absent from school
  • For the last few days of term
  • Completed homework may be left in the pigeon holes outside the Staff Room. Homework should not be handed in to the school office. Boys may print homework at school with the specific permission of the member of staff setting the work. However, homework will not be printed in the school office.

    Pupils are also expected to extend their reading at home. All boys from Pre-School to Year 5 follow the school reading schemes until they become confident independent readers, at which point they progress to the recommended reading lists. Further details of the reading schemes and how reading is monitored are circulated by the English department.


    Formal examinations take place in November and May. These are internal assessments and cover the core curriculum. Standardised tests are used where appropriate (e.g. GL Assessments). Outside the core curriculum, individual departments are responsible for the assessment of pupils.
    The school places great emphasis on ongoing, formative assessment and currently makes use of Performance Indicators in Primary Schools (PIPS) and the Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS).
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