About West House

Providing a balanced approach

Our Approach

We know that choosing a school for your child can seem like a daunting decision but we believe you’ll know when you’ve found the right one – when you feel like you’ve found the right fit for them and they feel comfortable and excited.

The reasons parents choose to entrust West House with the care and development of their child are many and varied but ultimately come down to our balanced approach to education and the nurturing environment we offer.

The Perfect Balance

West House prides itself on providing a balanced approach to educating and developing your child in preparation for life in the middle and latter part of the century. Education is about so much more than academic achievement.

Of course, our boys work hard, aim high and achieve outstanding academic standards; but they’re also given a wealth of exciting developmental opportunities in music, drama, art, sport and citizenship so they can discover what they love for themselves.

Because we care

One visit will show you everything you need to know about how your child will be treated in their time at the school - with care and support; that’s what we are renowned for.

We know that to get the best out of a child, both in terms of learning and their personal development, they need to feel supported, listened to and secure; and they need to enjoy learning.

That’s exactly what we do for our boys in helping them develop into confident and articulate individuals.
Adapting the curriculum for boys

Why boys only?

While there are compelling arguments for both single-sex and co-ed approaches to education we vehemently champion children learning in a single-sex environment. We all know that boys and girls are very different and they mature, learn and approach many aspects of life differently. In a boys’ prep school we successfully instil an attitude of it being ‘cool to learn’ – at West House the most able boys are regarded as an inspiration to others and set the standard to which their peers aspire.

Pupils also have no perception of gender bias when it comes to specific subjects – they have a consistent attitude towards all subject areas. West House boys throw themselves into everything wholeheartedly, whether it’s dance or rugby, creative writing or science and benefit hugely as a result.

Additionally, we know from our many years of teaching experience that boys tend to excel in more obviously accessible subjects such as maths and science before they develop their appreciation in areas such as creative writing. This means we can adapt our curriculum to meet the specific requirements that boys have and tailor our teaching to suit their needs. We take full advantage of the fact that boys can be extremely competitive and use this to foster an environment in which they will thrive.
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  • School Term Dates 2021
  • Autumn Term 2021 Begins - Mon 6th Sept
  • Half Term - Thurs 21st Oct to Fri 29th Oct
  • Term Ends - Wed 15th Dec
  • Spring Term 2022 Begins - Thurs 6th Jan
  • Half Term - Mon 21st to Fri 25th Feb
  • Term Ends - Wed 6th Apr
  • Summer Term 2022 Begins - Mon 25th Apr
  • Half Term - Mon 30th May to Fri 3rd June
  • Term Ends - Tues 12th July
  • Autumn Term Begins - Wed 7th Sept